Rubber and Elastomeric Thermo Cutter

The innovative Thermo Cutter designed by Friction Coating provides a heated cutting blade to remove material rapidly with great precision. The Thermo Cutter may be used to remove overbuild or create grooves in rollers.

The blade holder of the Thermal Cutter can be easily mounted to industry standard lathes or grinding and grooving machines without substantial modification. Power is supplied from a controller that is mounted on a cart that can be conveniently located for operator access. US customers may plug into a standard 110-volt outlet. The Thermal Cutter is also available in 220/240-volt 50/60 Hz.

The power supply includes a simple control that adjusts the amount of amperage sent to the knife. An adjustment is required only if the blade is changed or operating parameters are altered. Compressed air is supplied to the tool holder to prevent overheating and damage to the cutting knife.

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Friction Coating Thermal Cutter

The Thermal Cutter eliminates the dust created by grinding thus improving the overall quality of the work environment. Material can be removed in the form of a strip and that can be collected in the form of a spool.

The cutting head may be adjusted to cut any pitched groove or tilted up to 90 degrees to cut a longitudinal groove. 30-degree spreader grooves may also be prepared using the Thermo Cutter. Cutting speeds up to 30 feet per minute are possible.

CE Compliant.

Various shapes of knives are available to cut any groove dimension.